Our Mission 

To eliminate poverty through a proactive, preventive and compassionate approach.

Our Vision 

We envision a West-Central Illinois where people have enough to eat, work to support their families and support to break the bonds of poverty. We want to cultivate hope in our communities while also nurturing the dreams of people who want a better life.

Our Focus Areas 

  1. Affordable Housing – Making sure that all people of McDonough County can access safe, affordable, and adequate housing. Our first concern is providing emergency homeless services.

  2. Food Security- Making sure that all residents of McDonough County have access to food and that no child goes hungry. We also are committed to helping low-income families access fresh and healthy vegetables.

  3. Youth Robotics Association – Every child should have the opportunity to succeed in high school. We work to provide safe, free, and healthy out-of-school activities for the children of McDonough County.

Our Goals

  1. To provide emergency shelter in McDonough County, Illinois, that serves families that needs a safe place to sleep. We hope to accomplish this by remodeling a house in East Carrol Street  and we need your help! <East Carrol St. House>

  2. To increase opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) for youth in low-income families. <First Lego League>

  3. To increase availability of computer technology to school-age children in low income families. <Reboot CTP>

  4. To research the opportunity for sustainable small scale gardening to improve McDonough County residents’ access to fresh vegetables.